Divisions…and Opportunities

The elections in America opened up a whole world of opportunities to be of service to others.

Here’s what I mean:

Even thought President Obama won, the margin separating he and Mitt Romney was only about 3 million votes, or an overall percentage of (roughly) 50% to 48%.

That means our nation is sharply, deeply, perhaps irrevocably, divided. For every person who rejoices in President Obama’s win, there is one who mourns Mitt Romney’s loss.

That means the real work of being Bodhisattvas has just begun. We have a lot of healing, loving, and compassionate outreach to do — on both sides.

Now’s the perfect time to approach all of life with this attitude, “How may I help you?”

Only love. It may not be the only way. But it’s a terrifically uplifting, energizing way that heals and unites rather than divides.

To that end, I have challenged friends to put aside politics from now on. That means:

    Turn off the talk-radio hosts while driving in the car

    Turn off the TV at night (no news – from any network!)

    Quit reading blogs and web sites of a political nature

    Quit associating with friends (on Facebook or in real life) who are entrenched in hard-left or hard-right ideologies

    Reach out to those on “the other side” of the aisle

Now’s the time. This is the place. Either love will see us through…or hate will kill us all.

It begins with me. And I vow to embrace love.

How about you?