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4 thoughts on “Ambassadors

  1. On a night of incredible grief,angst and fear……light has come….thank you. The need for healing and care for our violent broken world calls me into service and truth. The words from my teacher,Dr.Glenn Hinson from Ky.Southern College almost 50 yrs.ago in a Course in Civilization, echo to me today. My spirit renewed as I prepare my sermon on Sunday…..” Who is my neighbor?” My gratitude…

    • Thank you, Suzanne.

      I found Glenn’s words to be uplifting to me, too.

      In fact, I was incredibly emotional just being in his presence. He exudes love and compassion…and shines from within.

      – Bill

  2. I found your website this morning. Keep it going. The world needs so much love right now and it is a great challenge with political movements around the world polarizing us.

    • Thank you so much, Marcia!

      Your comments mean far more to me than you know.

      I’ve been planning to return to The Project, and what you wrote (“keep going”) is just what I needed to read.

      I was especially moved by your third sentence, which started with this:

      “The world needs so much love right now and it is a great challenge…”

      So true. I’ve struggled with this. I spent the last year wondering if The Only Love Project was worth continuing because I see how the world is galvanizing, with political movements trumping spiritual traditions at every turn. In other words, whether conservative or liberal, capitalist or socialist, political ideologies always seem to overlay and smother one’s spiritual tradition. The end result is a spiritual tradition that has become one with the political movement and has, therefore, lost its ability to change people’s hearts.

      Which brings me to the last part of your third sentence:

      “…with political movements around the world polarizing us.”

      That’s extremely insightful. Extremely.

      You nailed it: It’s politics that is polarizing us – and I believe intentionally so. People kept apart in anger cannot see the wisdom of building bridges to unite one another.

      How would you like to help us continue?


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