Your Ideas

What does “only love” look like?

There are as many definitions as their are people in the world. It could mean…

  • Hold the door open for someone this morning at your favorite coffee shop
  • Teach a child (or an adult) to read
  • Pick up trash in your neighborhood — or someone else’s neighborhood
  • Volunteer at a Hospice
  • Mow lawns, weed gardens, or beautifying someone’s yard
  • Be kind, especially while driving, instead of flipping the bird or yelling out the window
  • Start a food bank to help the homeless
  • Volunteer at a local soup kitchen
  • Open your home to someone in need of a temporary place to stay
  • Not get embroiled in political, religious, or ideological debates
  • Instead of buying another CD, book, DVD, or pair of shoes…donate the money to a charity — or hand it to a homeless person
  • Call or send a letter to someone you haven’t spoken to in a long time
  • Tell someone he or she is special
  • If you’re in a relationship, listen with full attention, stilling your wandering mind, setting aside your own tasks, and look your significant other in the eyes while he or she talks
  • Be aware of your surroundings and mindful of opportunities to serve
  • Offer to drive someone to the store, or to a doctor’s appointment
  • Visit a retirement home, befriend an elderly person who may have no family members or friends
  • ——

    What ideas do you have? What is “only love” to you, in your community?

    If you have suggestions about how to share the love in your community, please share them in the space below.

    4 thoughts on “Your Ideas

    1. 1.take a walk and pick up the trash you come across
      2.donate your cans and bottles to a boys and/or girls club instead of redeeming yourself
      3.volunteer at the local animal shelter
      4. clean up a local park, paint a bench
      5. smile A LOT

    2. Write an email, text or letter to those in need.

      This could be to family, friends or prisoners (eg, political prisoners) or any other person – lists of people from Amnesty International and War Resisters International and others.

      Write an email, text or letter to local government letting those in power know that there are subjects that people care about and will make a difference.

      • An excellent idea, BupSahn!

        It requires no cost, can be done by anyone, is unique to each person, and will uplift those who receive the e-mails, texts, or letters.

        Thank you for contributing!

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