What Love Can Do

There’s a lot going on in the world these days. So much death and destruction. So much heartache and sadness.

Remember: the focus of The Only Love Project is our communities. Our homes. Ourselves.

We cannot do anything about what’s happening in the Middle East. We cannot alter the course of events in Eastern Europe. We cannot stop poachers from slaughtering elephants in Africa. We cannot, for the most part, bridge the bitter divides among those holding strong political viewpoints.

The list of what we cannot do is massive. Overwhelming, in fact.

But if we fall prey to that kind of thinking, our ability to love each other, to have a positive affect on who and what we CAN change, will be seriously diminished.

The Dhammapda says, “Only love dispels hate.”

The Bible (1 Corinthians 13) says, “…the greatest of these is love.”

Believe it.

Believe it fervently.

We have the most powerful force on earth within us: Love.

And we have people around us – from spouses, sons and daughters, to neighbors, to the person who rings up your groceries to the person who puts postage on your package at the Post Office – who need love. And we do mean NEED love. People are starving for love. Their minds need rest. Their hearts need to be lightened.

Pray for the rest of the world, yes. Chant for them. Send positive good wishes to them. Whatever your tradition suggests.

But BE love to people near to you, from family to friends to strangers.

We CAN have a profound affect on the world. But only when we begin where we live.

The love will radiate outward from there.

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